It's a Damn Shame!
The State of California and the Mono Lake Committee
Should be Embarassed and You Should Be Outraged!
Visitors to the Mono County region of California's Eastern Sierra will no longer be offered a unique boat tour of historic Mono Lake by naturalist Tom Crowe.

In a time of economic downturns for businesses, both large and small, the California State Parks System has refused to issue an operating permit to Tom Crowe for 2009. Therefore, Tom, much to the delight of the Mono Lake Committee, is moving on.

For the past six years, Tom has had to nearly beg every year to have his permit renewed. His annual fight was a victory for the general public. Visitors from around the world have taken home a wonderful knowledge of Mono Lake and the surrounding region. This spectacular tour and Crowe's knowledge of the regions had provides a wonderful historic perspective of the geology and natural history of Mono Lake and its surroundings.

Now that Tom has been forced out by the State Parks System and the Mono Lake Committee, your and your friends and children can no longer have the opportunity to tour Mono Lake. If you feel that Tom has been mistreated write your local newspaper and request that their investigative division look into this entire matter. Take a look at Tom's Photo Gallery. That is all that is left of his business.
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